Eggs, Kes and that bike I never bought you even though that I would like to

by Mark Wynn

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    1. I WAs A Lot More Prolific When I Was Living In Greece
    2. Aldi Sex Song
    3. The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie
    4. Sedative
    5. Houses On The Green Grass
    6. Your Nan Is Not An Invalid

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This is a collection of song noise things I made in December 2012 January 2013. Some of them are true things and some of them I just overheard and wrote down in public places so I'm not sure if they're true... not sure that it really matters...


They were recorded at the factory of unprofessional sound on the 10th (ale hangover) and 22nd of January (other hangover). They were then mixed by Sam on the 24th of January and then on the 24th of January I went to see The Yawns at the Basement in York and thought they were very bloody good as was that Dead Bird guy and Joe Coates is a good un...

The physical CD thing will be available in mid February and will come with a bunch of tracks by people that I like as well as a little book of poem things...



released January 28, 2013

Mark Wynn - Song, words, mouth, hands, guitar, snare, hi hat, cymbal, noise, clapping, yelping and generally being around

Sam Forrest - Recording the shit, putting up with my shit, driving the shit and just generally being the shit



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eggs and Juice
Wake up I am the arse end of my imagination the dream I am having pretty scary it's pretty scary I get out of bed I go to the shop I go buy us eggs I think when I get home i'll write a song about my emotional journey to the shop to buy eggs and juice for you.
Track Name: Buses on new years day
Are the buses on no the buses are off not till the day after tomorrow not that nasty film that your thinking of besides what are you running away from me oh just everything each and every included wondering why no one will see the bloody minded skanks in suits walking round not on your own track and the moment on the back seat not feeling free trap
Track Name: Yeah x7
And according to this radio show there ain't no better way to spend your weekend I'm not so sure..
Track Name: Radio Song
Soon I thought, something will occur and our friends were still struggling to attain the standards we had set for them.
Track Name: Kes
I like Kes
Track Name: Holiday
Holiday go to the coast and come back sit on bus which shakes get into motion with breaks spend coins on the gun games in the arcade last time though missed the arcade this time your hand in mine walking up over the pier afraid to fall between the cracks towards the end when there is precious little else to cling to I cling to you and the hand rail hand rail
Track Name: Bhs Thing
Music saved my soul if it wasn't for music I'd be in jail most likely

Of course you would
Track Name: Words

Words I like words.
Big words small words
Round words
Obnoxious words
Made up words and rude words.

I like words that can describe a sensation.
I like words that,
Placed in the correct right order,
Can make the blood rush.

I like words that go into supermarkets
Buy buy one get one frees and then bye bye off
Out into the bye bye streets.

I the like words that find themselves in supermarkets
Drop basket all over the aisle amongst feet
And then leave in a hail of expletives.

I like words that kick you in the balls, curl your toes.
I like words that drive fast cars
No insurance, low expectations,
Life goals like fucking tadpoles.

I like the words you say
When there is nothing else to say
And how they echoe of the fucking walls
Like the fucking fucking fucking fucking…

I like words that work in most social situations
I like words your grandmother uses
I like words abbreviated but first you must prove this (Lol)

I like words that can account for your whereabouts.
I like words that cry in back alleys.
I like the words that just fall out of your mouth without thinking.
I like the words you whisper in sleep
When you think I’m not listening.

I like words that don’t relate
I like the words builders use in the mouths of artists
Masquerading as working class
Who come from good families

I like words and I like to laugh when the words that come out of my mouth aren't mine

I like crossed words, never done a Sudoku in my life
I like birds, wonder if they would like words too
No I doubt that they do

I like the words I can use to tell you I’m blue
I like words that can say
“Everyone’s an arsehole sometimes”
I like the words that respond
“Well I’m not”

I like words that sit unusual, unspoken in your mouth
I like words you write down, you talk about
what it is you’d like to say, what you heard

I like the words you say in the fits of ecstatic bliss
No actually, I think I prefer the tone of your voice
Than what it is it ses.

I like the words that I will say to you one day
I’m still working out just exactly what I want them to say
But I know what I mean

I like dream, I like obnoxious
I like constampinopal (even though it’s probably misspelt)
I like Edinburgh I like Spatula
I like badger I like brush
I like the way push follows shove
I like book I like fuck
I like nook I like rook

I like the way Billy Casper sounds in Kes
I like the sound of words when they leave ‘is ‘ed

I like bed I Iike dead I like red I like sed
And I like to put an odd word like bollocks in conversation
Just to throw people off.
I don’t like people to know what it is that's stuck
choked back in my gob

Yeah I like words
And Punctuation can fuck right off

For me at least
Track Name: Michael Makes a Phone Call
Hello David
Track Name: Sunday, we went to see the baby
The Reel on that street that I can only ever describe as being that street with the Reel on it...