'Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won't Try Some Shoes On' - A Single By Mark Wynn

by Mark Wynn

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Hastily banged out by the Indomitable Stupids. A new band from Barrow, a place where the culture is cock and getting your point across is asking a man you've never met if he'll say something nice about something you'll find on the internet in two years and wonder what the fuck you were on about....

Iggy Pop is a reference point yes?

But of course, as is your mundanity times by my desire to put a clean pair of socks on every day for the rest of my life except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by Phil Daniels bellowing at the dust man...

"You don't like it Phil baby, how bout you move out of my street and into a somewhere with no refuse removal service..."

A recent review in Wire magazine for "Might try some shoes on, maybe I won't try some shoes on" questioned the logic of singing about wishing you were a cat when this was an impossibility and what about all the real issues to be singing about, but they soon realised the mistake they'd made when the title of the single was uttered in that song and they saw that quality is controlled as a concept only when it is abbreviated into a manageable cultural form: you want social commentary, go ask someone who has a real job...

Cultural nothing is my explanation for your lack of direction times by my need to be adored and rejected by everyone who is not who they are except when they are uncaring or leathered or both, and next day they regret this whole whole-heartedly....

I want to be myself..

I am someone else...


released 07 April 2014

Mark Wynn: Guitar and blah
Sam Forrest: Snare and cymbal



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Track Name: She's My Baby And She Makes Me Die Inside
I cut myself with a shaving razor
I might not look like I needed a shave
And I probably don't but I did it anyway
The music played I looked in the mirror
Sunken eyes patches of hair gone astray

Waiting for something to change
Surely it'll be quicker than this, surely.
Let's spend the night together

Who played piano on that
I'm not sure sure Stu wottsit or Brian Jones
But I can't think for the thought of seeing you tonight

She's my baby and she makes me die inside

Billy Ripper
Track Name: Blue Ford, Bored, Whatever It's Called, Blah
You're insane and I'm a little crazy
Is what we say to make it seem more fun
But it's not, we know it's not
I read books so I can be somebody else

I get bored I get bored I get bored I get bored
I get so bored and I rip off Iggy Pop
I get bored I get bored
I'm the chairman of the bored

I was driven to football practice at a friends house when I was a kid in a blue ford in a blues ford you're insane and I'm a little crazy
Track Name: Stay Away From Me
A danger to yourself he ses
Gotta keep you away from yourself he ses
But why I ses
I'm terrified I ses
I said why
It's terrify

Afternoon sleeping through another one
Televisions turned off but there's another screen on
So what's the difference
The difference is in the definition
Define yourself by what you will and won't do
Don't listen to them speak
You have to stand behind your convictions
And beyond theirs
Who cares if anyone's listening
I don't, but I do.

The thing live is dead

Hello. How are you doing
My books are gone
The wheels are starting to fall off
Is that a bad idea
You're really...

Stay away from me

A man approached
Said you look good Mark
Feel like I got shaved in the dark
Thank you very much
The room is cold
i'm looking into
I got shaved in the dark
Missed a bit

Get outta my house
Track Name: If I Was A Cat I'd Be Called Brian, Brian The Cat
Sometimes I wish I was a cat
If I was a cat I could do things like cat's do
Like come into your house, eat your food and then fuck off
go to somebody else's house
Go to the other persons house, get there they look at you and say
Ooh isn't that a nice cat
And you look up and you go: mmm got any bacon rind
You walk into the house
They get the bacon rind out
And they give it to you
And then they leave
Why, because you're a cat
And what are cats
But I wouldn't be a dog
No No No No No
I wanna be a cat

If I was a cat I'd be called Brian, Brian the cat
Brian the cat Brian the cat Brian the cat

I'd get on the bus people would say:
Brian where you going?
And I'd say I'm going: into the city center.
What you going to do in the city center, Brian?
I'm gonna go to Browns.
What you gonna do in Browns, Brian the cat?

Just gonna fucking walk around
Might try some shoes on, maybe I won't try some shoes on.
Fuck it, I don't know what to do with myself.
And then I might go for a drink...

Where you gonna go for a drink?

Mmm, I'll go to one of them shitty bars in the city center;
One of the bars that look the same as every other fucking bar
And I'll talk to the people in the bar
And they'll say to me:
Brian, what you doing here
And I'll say:
I came into town to see what was going down.
Brian, you want a drink.
Yeah, I fucking want a drink
What drink do you want Brian.
I'd like some stout.

They buy me a stout, they say: can I get a stout for Brian
I say: yeah, put it in for me though. I wanna have it in so I can say:
I've got one in. And that'd be pretty cool...

Excuse me mister bar man, I've got one in!
He looked at me: We don't serve cats.

What do you mean you don't serve cats. you'll serve this cat.

They kicked me out. I got barred

Brian the cat was barred from the city center bar
Brian fell asleep, dreamt some cat dreams...